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Rapid Arctic Transitions due to Infrastructure and Climate (RATIC): A contribution to ICARP III The Rapid Arctic Transitions due to Infrastructure and Climate (RATIC) initiative is a forum for developing and sharing new ideas and methods to facilitate the best practices for assessing, responding to, and adaptively managing the cumulative effects of Arctic infrastructure and climate change. This white paper is provided as input to the Third International Conference on Arctic Research Planning (ICARP III). Read the report

Pipelines, powerlines, and processing facility in the Prudhoe Bay Oilfield. Photo by Martha K. Raynolds, June 2014.

Landscape and Permafrost Changes in the Prudhoe Bay Oilfield: Forty-six years after the discovery of oil at Prudhoe Bay, we are still learning about the ecological consequences of large-scale infrastructure expansion and the impacts of climate change in ice-rich permafrost environments. The Alaska Geobotany Center's new publication documents the most recent assessment of the long-term effects of oilfield roads on landcover and permafrost. Read the report

Data from the 2015 Field Season: Road Effects at Airport Study Site, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, Summer 2015.
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More Publications by AGC Researchers

The Alaska Arctic Vegetation Archive (AVA-AK). Phytocoenologia 46:221-229. 2016.
Walker, D.A., Breen, A.L., Druckenmiller, L.A., Wirth, L.w., Fisher, W, Raynolds, M.K, Sibík, J., Walker, M.D., Hennekens, S., Boggs, K., Boucher, T., Buchhorn, M., Bültmann, H., Cooper, D.J., Daniëls, F.J.A., Davidson, S.J., Ebersole, J.J., Elmendorf, S.C., Epstein, H.E., Gould, W.A., Hollister, R.D., Iversen, C.M., Jorgenson, M.T., Kade, A., Lee, M.T., MacKenzie, W.H., Peet, R.K., Peirce, J.L., Schickhoff, U., Sloan, V.L., Talbot, S.S., Tweedie, C.E., Villarreal, S., Webber, P.J. and Zona, D.

Increased wetness confounds Landsat-derived NDVI trends in the central Alaska North Slope region, 1985-2011
Environmental Research Letters, 11:085004. 2016. doi:10.1088/1748-9326/11/8/085004
Raynolds, M.K. and Walker, D.A.

Circumpolar arctic vegetation: A hierarchic review and roadmap toward an internationally consistent approach to survey, archive and classify tundra plot data Environmental Research Letters, 11(5), 055005. 2016. doi:10.1088/1748-9326/11/5/055005
Walker, D.A., Daniëls, F.J.A., Alsos, I., Bhatt, U.S., Breen, A.L., Buchhorn, M., Bültmann, H., Druckenmiller, L.A., Edwards, M.E., Ehrich, D., Epstein, H.E., Gould, W.A., Ims, R.A., Meltofte, H., Raynolds, M.K., Sibik, J., Talbot, S.S. and Webber, P.J.

Differentiating among Four Arctic Tundra Plant Communities at Ivotuk, Alaska Using Field Spectroscopy
Remote Sensing, 8(1), 51. 2016. doi:10.3390/rs8010051
Bratsch, S.N., Epstein, H.E., Buchhorn, M. and Walker, D.A.

Warming, Sheep and Volcanoes: Land Cover Changes in Iceland Evident in Satellite NDVI Trends. Remote Sensing, 7(8):9492-9506. 2015. doi:10.3390/rs70809492
Raynolds, M.K., Magnússon, B., Metúsalemsson, S., Magnússon, S.H.

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