Current and Recent Courses

BIOL F488/688: Arctic Vegetation Ecology: Geobotany (Spring 2018)

Detailed study of Arctic plant communities including their composition, structure, paleo‚Äźhistory, biogeography, major environmental controls, applications of Arctic vegetation methods to current Arctic issues including climate change, wildlife management, and changing land use in the Arctic.

Course syllabus and materials will be posted on Blackboard.
Additional resources: Plant List | Plant Family Characteristics | Flashcards

BIOL 495/695 Field Course: Arctic Alaska Vegetation (Summer 2018)

The summer field class includes 2 days of classroom instruction and local field trips in the Fairbanks area, an 13-day field excursion to Alaska's North Slope, and 2 days for student presentations and local field trips at the end. The field excursion is focused on the examination and field sampling of a wide variety of Arctic ecosystems and plant communities in the Brooks Range Arctic Foothills and Arctic Coastal Plain, where students learn about Arctic vegetation, soils, landforms, permafrost, geology, wildlife, local peoples and land use. The route follows the latitudinal transect from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay via the along the Elliott and Dalton Highways, traversing boreal forest, alpine, and Arctic biomes. Students complete an independent research project of their choosing.
Instructors: Dr. Skip Walker, Dr. Amy Breen

BIOL 697 Independent Study: Vegetation Description and Analysis (Fall 2017)

Methods of vegetation science including sampling, classification, gradient analysis, ordination, field description and mapping. Field trips to the plant communities of interior Alaska.
Instructor: Dr. Skip Walker

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