RATIC: Rapid Arctic Transitions due to Infrastructure and Climate

The Rapid Arctic Transitions due to Infrastructure and Climate (RATIC) initiative was born at ICARP III, ASSW 2015 in Toyama, Japan, with the goal of promoting sustainable Arctic infrastructure as a key research theme requiring a collaborative multidisciplinary approach involving scientists, local communities, governments and industry. RATIC seeks to address ICARP III’s Research Priority 3: “understanding the vulnerability and resilience of Arctic environments and societies and supporting sustainable development.” The first RATIC-related topical sessions and workshop took place at the December 2014 Arctic Change conference in Ottawa, Canada. RATIC workshops have been held in conjunction Arctic Science Summit Week in many subsequent years with the support of the Internaltional Arctic Science Committee to provide a forum for scientists from across disciplines to share ideas and methods to facilitate best practices in assessing, responding to, and adaptively managing the cumulative effects of Arctic infrastructure and climate change. A goal of RATIC is to engage the IASC early career scientists in these activities.


RATIC Workshop at ASSW 2019 in Archangelsk, Russia, 26 May 2019

Sustainable Arctic Infrastructure Forum (SAIF) in Prague, Czech Republic, 3 April, 2017

RATIC Workshop and Topical Sessions in Ottawa, Ontario, 8-12 December, 2014



Rapid Arctic Transitions due to Infrastructure and Climate (RATIC): A contribution to ICARP III

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