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Trails left by the Icewine seismic survey in spring 2018, courtesy: Heather Buelow

Likely impacts of proposed 3D-seismic surveys to the terrain, permafrost, hydrology, and vegetation in the 1002 Area, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska. A white paper by Alaskan scientists detailing 10 issues regarding conditions in 1002 Area and the likely cumulative effects of 3D-seismic surveys. Read the report

The Raster Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation Map (Raster CAVM) maps 16 vegetation types, glaciers, saline water, and freshwater at 1-km resolution. It builds on the strengths of the original CAVM, using the same legend, extent and projection, while providing a finer spatial resolution, raster format, and improved mapping of Arctic vegetation. Download map data (zip)

2016 ArcSEES Data Report: Snow, thaw, temperature, and permafrost borehole data from the Colleen & Airport Sites, Prudhoe Bay, and Photos of Quintillion Fiber Optic Cable Impacts, North Slope, Alaska. Read the report

Rapid Arctic Transitions due to Infrastructure and Climate (RATIC): RATIC is a forum for developing and sharing new ideas and methods to facilitate the best practices for assessing, responding to, and adaptively managing the cumulative effects of Arctic infrastructure and climate change. Read the report

AGC-sponsored Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Rapid Transitions due to Climate and Infrastructure (RATIC), Arkhangelsk, Russia, 26 May 2019

Next International Arctic Vegetation Archive Workshop, Arkhangelsk, Russia, 21 May 2019

Past Workshops

RATIC Workshops, 2014-2019

Sustainable Arctic Infrastructure Forum (SAIF), Prague, Czech Republic, 3 April, 2017

2nd International Arctic Vegetation Archive Workshop, Prague, Czech Republic, 30-31 March, 2017

Land-cover Land-use Change Workshops, 2008-2014

More Publications by AGC Researchers

Vegetation on mesic loamy and sandy soils along a 1700-km maritime Euarasia Arctic Transect
Applied Vegetation Science. 2018.
doi: 10.1111/avsc.12401 (open access)
Walker, D.A., Epstein, H.E., Sibik, J., Bhatt, U., Romanovsky, V.E., Breen, A.L., Chasnikova, S., Daanen, R. & (...) Timling, I. 

Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation Classification
Phytocoenologia 48:181-201. 2017.
doi: 10.1127/phyto/2017/0192 (open access) 
Walker, D.A., Daniëls, F.J.A., Matveyeva, N.V., Šibík, J., Walker, M.D., Breen, A.L., Druckenmiller, L.A., Raynolds, M.K. & (...) Wirth, L.M.

Degradation and stabilization of ice wedges: Implications for assessing risk of thermokarst in northern Alaska
Geomorphology 297:20-42. 2017.
doi: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2017.09.001
Kanevskiy, M., Shur, Y., Jorgensen, T., Brown, D.R.N., Moskalenko, N., Brown, J., Walker, D.A., Raynolds, M.K. and Buchhorn, M.

The Alaska Arctic Vegetation Archive (AVA-AK). Phytocoenologia 46:221-229. 2016.
Walker, D.A., Breen, A.L., Druckenmiller, L.A., Wirth, L., Fisher, W, Raynolds, M.K, Sibík, J., Walker, M.D., Hennekens, S., & (...) Zona, D.

Increased wetness confounds Landsat-derived NDVI trends in the central Alaska North Slope region, 1985-2011
Environmental Research Letters, 11:085004. 2016. doi:10.1088/1748-9326/11/8/085004
Raynolds, M.K. and Walker, D.A.

Circumpolar arctic vegetation: A hierarchic review and roadmap toward an internationally consistent approach to survey, archive and classify tundra plot data Environmental Research Letters, 11(5), 055005. 2016. doi:10.1088/1748-9326/11/5/055005
Walker, D.A., Daniëls, F.J.A., Alsos, I., Bhatt, U.S., Breen, A.L., Buchhorn, M., Bültmann, H., Druckenmiller, L.A., Edwards, M.E., & (...) Webber, P.J.

Differentiating among Four Arctic Tundra Plant Communities at Ivotuk, Alaska Using Field Spectroscopy
Remote Sensing, 8(1), 51. 2016. doi:10.3390/rs8010051
Bratsch, S.N., Epstein, H.E., Buchhorn, M. and Walker, D.A.

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