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2010 International Arctic Research Center (IARC) Field School

  1. IARC Field School (IARC website)
  2. 2010 Syllabus (PDF)
  3. Guidebooks:
    1. Walker, D.A., Hamilton, T.D., Ping, C.L., Daanen, R.P., and Streever, W.W., 2009, Dalton Highway Field Trip Guide for the Ninth International Conference on Permafrost, 104 p. PDF, 8.4 MB; from Alaska Geobotany Center
    2. Brown, Jerry, and Kreig, R.A., 1983, Guidebook to permafrost and related features along the Elliott and Dalton Highways, Fox to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, 230 p. PDF, 21.0 M; from DGGS website
  4. 2008 Dalton Highway Field Trip. The field school is based on this pre-conference field trip offered during the Ninth International Conference on Permafrost (NICOP).