Project Data

Cover of AGC 15-01 Data Report

2014 Field Season

AGC15-01 Data Report

Infrastructure-Thermokarst-Soil-Vegetation Interactions at Lake Colleen Site A, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, PDF, 8.4 MB


Digital Data

Tables from the AGC15-01 Data Report: Summarizing data from the 2014 ArcSEES field season at Colleen Site A, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

  Zipped file of all data, 383 KB

Table 2.1 - Transect data
Table 2.2 - Environmental characteristics and definitions | Codes
Table 2.3 - Plot cover
Table 2.4 - Species data
Table 2.5 - Soil data
Table 2.6 - Coordinates
Table 2.7 - Temperature loggers
Table 2.8 - Borehole depth
Table 2.9 - Weight and moisture content
Table 2.10 - Cryostratigraphic units
Table 2.11 - Thicknesses of frozen protective layers
Table 2.12 - Weight and moisture content
Table 2.13 - Stefan equation estimates


Cover of AGC 16-01 Data Report

2015 Field Season

AGC16-01 Data Report

Road Effects at Airport Study Site, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, Summer 2015 PDF, 6.0 MB


Digital Data

All data tables (xlsx file)


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