RATIC Workshop and Topical Sessions, Ottawa, Ontario - 8-12 December, 2014
The RATIC workshop at Arctic Change 2014 provided a forum for scientists from across disciplines to share ideas and methods to facilitate best practices in assessing, responding to, and adaptively managing the cumulative effects of Arctic infrastructure and climate change.
ArcticBiomass Workshop, Fairbanks, Alaska - 2-3 September 2014
This two-day workshop hosted by the ArcticBiomass project and the University of Alaska Fairbanks brought together 21 researchers from the USA, Norway, Finland, UK, and the EU's Joint Research Centre in Italy. The workshop focused on biomass estimation and monitoring from plot scale to satellite
3rd Yamal LCLUC Workshop, Rovaniemi, Finland - 19-21 May, 2012
A series of three biannual Yamal Land-Cover Land-Use Change workshops were held to present synthesis papers from the work on the Yamal and the Eurasia Arctic Transect and to coordinate future projects and field work.
2nd Yamal LCLUC Workshop, Rovaniemi, Finland - 8-10 March, 2010
1st Yamal LCLUC Workshop, Moscow, Russia - 28-30 January, 2008

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