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2003 Spring North Slope snow trip, Deadhorse grid, Biocomplexity project; Skip Walker and Yuri Shur
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BIOL 474, Plant Ecology (4 credits)

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Plant Ecology Related Web Links

Here are some links that we came across while gathering material for biology 474. If you know of any sites that may be helpful to other Plant Ecology students, let us know and we will add them.


Information about the Fossombroniineae, maintained by the Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Department of Plant Biology.


Lichen Land
Oregon State University lichen database. Lots of information about lichens.
Lichens of North America
Web site that accompanies the book "Lichens of North America". Many very good photos.


All kinds of information about the boreal forest, including the life forms that inhabit them. Maintained by the Faculty of Forestry and the Forest Environment, Lakehead University, Ontario.
Botanical Society of America
Links page point to a variety of resources.
Tree of Life Web Project
Taxonomy and characteristics of life forms present on the earth.
Utah State Grass Manual


Web based interactive identification keys to plants.
Online plant checklists for several countries.
Digital Flowers
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign plant systematics information.
Evergreen Native Plant Database
Database of plants native to Canada.
New York Botanical Gardens
The fourth largest herbarium in the world maintains a Virtual Herbarium containing over 100,000 images of herbarium specimens online. The collection includes type specimens, non-vascular plants, fungi and lichens.
The USDA National Plants Database provides information about plants of the United Stated. Includes photo galleries, taxonomy and lots of other information.